Kelly’s magic

Kelly McNeil is one of my favourite artists, not only does she capture the likeness of an animal, but she gets the spirit as well. Her use of colour is extraordinary, who else knew that there is turquoise in the fur of a golden lab? my tale begins, on friday a woman came in to inquire about the painting in the window, it looked so much like her dog. After reflection, she asked to have a day to think about it. Saturday morning, a couple came in and said they loved the painting in the window and wanted to buy it…I told them they would have to wait for the woman’s decision. Not one hour later another couple decided to buy it!! Needless to say I took it out of the window, and quickly called Kelly to see if she had any other golden lab paintings at her place. I hope that we can satisfy everyone, since the painting reminded each of them so much of their own dogs.

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