Found Art for Founders Day

Wow I am blown away by our Window on Broadway this week! Carmen Hickson’s awesome creations are poignant reflections on the human condition, and they are all made with found objects. She makes us look at cast off things in different ways. A stair post becomes an elegant angel, her caged man is stark re- combined foundry bits with ancient silverware. And that’s only part of our wonderful Found Art Festival…for Orangeville’s Founders Festival. All month we will be having artists dropping in with their work. Justin Richards makes fine furniture with dovetailed drawers out of weathered barn boards, nail holes and all. Betty Harris makes purses, dolls and accessories out of dresses, coats and blankets found at the Sally Ann. We even have jewellery from old silverplate teapots and trays, and of course JP’s flag and funky animals.

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