OK, so I didn’t use the Botox myself , instead the shop has had a makeover! Thanks to Erin Ulrick and her Dad the shop now has some beautiful new jewellery cabinets. They are works of art with lovely glass tops and drawers for our huge collection of jewellery makers. The best part is that they are made with recycled windows which ties it in with our recycled doors beautifully. I love the way it opens up the room, you can see paintings on the walls and it welcomes you down the hall to the very last studio. Add to this a few layers of fresh paint, and we’ll be ready for our busy season.
George Perdue has just replaced Carol Gregg on the Feature Wall, and Jill is in the window. This is an exciting time because every day new things are coming in. Today we got some crotcheted cotton and woolen hats made by Susan Reynolds.

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