Culture Days

OK it’s the beginning of ‘Culture Days’  Such a lot going on. We started the day today at the Mayor’s Breakfast where Dragonfly was honored with an Arts and Culture award for “Community Impact by a Business” How lovely! Beth and I did lampworking demos all day.I’ll be doing demos Sat Oct 1, Rachel Clark Hall will be at Dragonfly Friday from 2-4 Sunday Oct 2 Roslyn will demo from 11-2 Jill will show texture with pastel Oct 6 on Oct 8 Susan Powell will be painting nudes and Susan Reynolds will be doing some beautiful bead weaves….there may be some other surprises so stay tuned.So enjoy the next two weeks with lots to see and do. Try Headwaters Arts Festival, Authors Night, friday.


Oh advertising…..what to do- there is so much choice these days. I don’t like to insult people, with obvious messages, or bother them with incessant emails. but I want to let my customers know when I get new artists in, (especially when I am so excited about them,) or when we are having an event like the demonstrations we’ll have during the Headwaters Arts Festival. or when a popular artist  like Susan Pippy comes in with new ceramic fish.(yes she has!) So..the print ads, local papers, snap, In The Hills, hopefully fit some of my market, glossy magazines are cropping up all over, they promise to feature a’ pick’ in exchange for an ad or two. and recently I was approached by radio. hmmn certainly a different medium, a different clientele as it spans a larger area, from Oakville to Collingwood, but now new challenges what if they represent the gallery in a way that I don’t like at least with print I pretty much do the ad myself. decisions decisions!, all the charities in town claim that my donations are great advertising…why do you ask am I doing this soul searching? A customer came in last week and asked how long we’d been here, she loved the shop, and had been coming into town for years to visit a close-by shop but hadn’t been into ours! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Rose Marie Armstrong

Rose Marie paints from her heart. Anything that has resonance with her, memories of hot summer days, an afternoon in an apple orchard. an old door. Come check out her meticulous oils in the Window on Broadway. On the feature Wall, Marg Peter has some lovely big sky  country scenes. In other news, we have been working on the store to make it brighter and more welcoming and I think it’s working!

Rachel Clark Hall – Rugged Beauty

Well, her paintings are rugged and she is a beauty! I think you’ll agree, but back to the paintings now…The window is full of late summer memories, the old pump is just begging you to start pushing at the handle in anticipation of a refreshing drink of water tumbling out. The lounge chair is beckoning I think a good book is beside it. Exuberant, rugged partly abstracted paintings that have been doing well in Toronto galleries lately, we welcome back Rachel to Dragonfly and ask her to up her prices! whoa, some bargains here! Also in the same palate, Rachel has made some dynamic purse fobs/keyrings/necklaces. They look great in the window with Karen Gunna’s leather sac bags.

Jack Zhou

New Artist, Northern Landscapes, and Colour! Jack is a master in capturing light in a landscape. He has caught the moment just after a storm passes and the clouds part. He equally shows a soft misty marsh or a bright sunny day on the lake.
Jack loves the natural world and it shows in how carefully he combines brushstrokes and contrasting colours to achieve his effects. His work is on the Feature wall til August 10th

Artists Against the Mega Quarry

Last weekend a number of artists gathered at Carl Cosack’s farm to paint the landscapes that will soon be turned into an enormous quarry. That is unless it can be stopped. the land we will be losing is prime agricultural. The water table will be permanently altered and likely polluted. Traffic on our roads will make them impassable. At 2300 acres this will be larger than anything ever developed before in this area or indeed North America. Many people are doing thier part to fight this quarry, at Dragonfly we will be selling a handmade lampwork bead resembling the landscape we stand to lose. Necklaces, bracelets, and key rings will be available to order and proceeds will go to help Stop the Quarry.

Found Art Festival

Yes tomorrow is Founders Day in our sweet town. And so to celebrate we are having the “Found Art Festival” I find it’s a great way to make people think differently about art. First they gasp as look at the widget that makes up an element in Carmen’s work, then they slowly look at another part, then they slowly get the message that the work is conveying. Artists participating are Carmen Hickson, Jim Reed, Dogbite Steel, Sue Tupy, K Ross, Betty Harris, and many others So come on out, the streets are pedestrian only, there are sidewalk sales…Art does not GO on sale, so …We will be doing demonstrations, and perhaps having a ‘Starving Artist Bake Sale’ hence the freshly baked dragonfly shaped cookies! decorate your own.

Carmen’s mind

Yeah she constantly amazes me. This assemblage is called “Soundtrap”. The statement that accompanies follows…. raised by wolves and comfortable being a predator, he knew his ability to call on birds with a lyrical whistle would help his ability to be leader of the pack… A sneaky and clever way of attack. Carmen Hickson you are sneaky and clever – the way your ART gets under my skin. this piece is of course part of the Found Art Festival.

Found Art Festival

Back by popular demand, the Found Art Festival is around the corner…July8 & 9th We are starting to get in new work from your favourites, Carmen Hickson, Dogbite, Rachel Clark Hall. Just so you know, this photo of 1955 artwork is from MOCA in LA, the artist is Robert Rauschenberg …hmmn This coming window will be very interesting with button jewellery, sculpture , paintings and some larger items from Jim Reed, but in the meantime, it is the last day for Julia Veenstra’s rich acrylics. She’ll be taking them to a show in Hamilton. Jean Loney has the window now with beautiful new mosaics, some with 24 karat gold! Sideroads magazine did a wonderful article on Robin Pouw with lots of great photos of Robin and her jewellery.