Something New

Ok hockey town, I have a number of frames made from old hockey sticks, just right for the your little tyke or oldster”s team photo…I know cute eh? anyway it kind of fits into our tendency to favour recycling. They’re even in Orange

What is it that you have always wanted to do

Someone told me that they just threw out their bag of broken pottery. Doesn’t everyone have a secret project that is just waiting to get started. ..or finished. I know I’ve had my share of broken pottery bags. What makes the difference, tips the balance, Is it desire or time, fear or lack of experience? of course likely it’s not mosaics, so let me know what it is that you’re avoiding…

Beth collaborates with Sassafras

Victoria Kirk from Sassafras has designed her entire new line incorporating Beth’s beads. They chose several different colour schemes and all of them are marvellous. Check out this long copper and glass chain that you can wrap around twice, or wear long. We have one in each of three colour ranges. and there are some great earrings and bracelets as well.


Yes, I love this time of year, all the artists whose stock was depleted by year-end, have had some time to create new works and fill up my shelves again. New mugs by Indira Singh, and Holly Speers, jewellery by Kristin Ross and Sassafras, new wooden salad bowls by Jim Lorriman, I especially like this cheery necklace made from vintage buttons in the shape of daisies, by Kristin Ross. You can also see her button bracelets, and she has brought some great long necklaces using vintage brooches.

Tell Me Her Story

Dragonfly Studio Artist S. J. Pringle has just finished a striking oil painting that I have dubbed the “Mona Lisa of Orangeville” partly for the old world feel to the painting, but also for the enigmatic expression on the girl’s face… everyone has a different take on what her back story may be, so we have opened it up to the public. Through the month of March look deeply into her enormous eyes and tell us her story.. submit it to Dragonfly by Mar24 2012. Some stories will be read march 31 at 2 PM and the winning one will have naming rights to the painting and perhaps a print. So sharpen your pencils !

New Year

Thanks to all our customers in Orangeville and area for making 2011 the best year ever! And now for something full of energy for the new year, Elena Henderson and her vivid acrylc paintings, studded with memorabilia. On the feature Wall till Jan 24th. In the Window on Broadway Lou Boisleau gives us a peek into the studio of an artist, with some paintings, sketches and sketchbooks. Lou was taught back in the day by Doris McCarthy, and she did a good job! Come see his studies of Orangeville.

Parades and little kids

Santa’s brother was hard at it again this year creating little replicas of his famous brother to hang on your Christmas tree. Doesn’t he look great beside Rebekka Pom’s handcrafted Rocking Zebra. He delighted the kiddies who were waiting for the parades to start, and tugged at the heartstrings of parents nostalgic for a old time Christmas. the tracor parde of lights was spectacular and the folks doing the Santa Claus parade out did themselves, lots of lights and music.

Tara Imerson

You can see the cracks in the mortar, feel the rust, see the wind blowing in Tara’s paintings. People think that they are photos, but they are much more than that. These are statements of forgotten places, And Tara’s special process makes for intimate viewing, of watercolours, framing without glass.

Christmas is coming…

George Perdue has finished his show on the “Wall” and Rosemary Hasner Headwaters Tourism Artist of the Year 2010 is now up. Rose has some new pieces on display and some old favourites of her mixed media photo collages. Here till Dec 7th. Right now the shop is preparing for Moonlight Madness, the town of Orangeville will be alight with tractor parade, real reindeer, and Santa’s brother carving in the window at Dragonfly. We have put out all the handmade ornaments like raku stars, beaded dragonflies and wooden birds.


OK, so I didn’t use the Botox myself , instead the shop has had a makeover! Thanks to Erin Ulrick and her Dad the shop now has some beautiful new jewellery cabinets. They are works of art with lovely glass tops and drawers for our huge collection of jewellery makers. The best part is that they are made with recycled windows which ties it in with our recycled doors beautifully. I love the way it opens up the room, you can see paintings on the walls and it welcomes you down the hall to the very last studio. Add to this a few layers of fresh paint, and we’ll be ready for our busy season.
George Perdue has just replaced Carol Gregg on the Feature Wall, and Jill is in the window. This is an exciting time because every day new things are coming in. Today we got some crotcheted cotton and woolen hats made by Susan Reynolds.