I Love You Mom

bracelets2First celebrated in 1908, Mother’s Day honours Mother’s, Motherhood, Maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society – it’s a chance to show your Mother how much you appreciate her. Remember the homemade cards and gifts that most of us made for our Mother’s (and in June for Dad’s too!) ? Mother’s appreciate gifts that are unique and demonstrate that you know them and put thought into your choice.

Gift giving for Mom does not have to be difficult or a rush to the nearest big box store to grab whatever is left … while our gifts are not made by you, they are unique and one-of-a-kind creations.

This year we are debuting new glass bead & silver charm bracelets. You choose a bracelet, glass bead and your charms, making it a unique gift from you. Not to forget the techy Mom, we have USB bracelets in stock – now Mom can work in style.usb1

All pieces in the store – jewellery, pottery, paintings … are handmade by Canadian Artists for a truly unique gift!

Fresh Face on the Feature Wall


Welcome to our newest addition to the gallery – the work of illustrator Jacqueline Yeung!  Her work has been featured in children’s books, Teletoon, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, YTV …  Jacqueline currently works as an illustrator at Nelvana Studios in Toronto. 

She was born in London, England where she faked a British accent while attending University of the Arts London for Design in Theatre & Film and now resides in Toronto faking a Canadian accent.

Work can be commissioned and Jacqueline is always looking for interesting projects. At the moment she is writing and painting a short story about her travels.


We can’t wait for Spring, so we’ve brought some to the Feature Wall!

Susan launches into her paintings directly, only with her brush on her blank watercolour paper. There is no preliminary pencil drawing done that may mar the delicate paper. She feels the overall finished effect is cleaner, fresher and more spontaneous that way. Susan is attracted to the intensity you can obtain in the watercolour medium and it shows in her bright, crisp paintings. susan enjoys the freedom of creating large paintings and also the control of working in a miniature format.

Most of Susan’s pieces are created in her studio from her own photography and her ample imagination. She prefers to work indoors so that her environment is constant and light is perfect.

Susan utilizes and combines multiple watercolour techniques in her work. One constant (in true watercolour fashion) is she never uses any white paint. The only white seen in her paintings is always the white of the paper showing through.

Susan’s work is on display on Dragonfly’s Feature wall located inside the gallery. SusanLittle

Unique Nature Artist

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From an early age, appreciating nature and experimenting art has been a way of life for Reg Lecky. It is in these experiences that inspired Reg to take the outdoors and create something lasting by combining natural stones and wood in unique three dimensional paintings. The placement of the natural materials, highlighted with colour depict all four seasons in a unique and wonderful collection.

Reg is currently featured in our Window on Broadway.

Vic Sullivan – Window on Broadway

We are excited at the newest collection brought in yesterday by local artist Vic Sullivan! Painting in the time honoured En Plein Air style, Vic captures the natural light of traditional Canadian landscapes. Vic’s original oil paintings are sought after by private collectors that value the peaceful tree lined roads, rural landscapes and landmarks that are preserved in their natural state.

As a local artist, Vic has given us a wonderful collection at must see prices! Like all good things, this won’t last long and we encourage you to visit the gallery today if you are looking to expand your Canadian Art Collection.

Club Art in the Window on Broadway!

clubartsWe are pleased to have a selection from Club Art in our window. Club Art is an initiative of Headwaters Arts, in partnership with DAREarts, Dufferin Arts Council and Koros Games, which provides aspiring young artists in the Dufferin area with a space in which to meet, create, share and display their work. The long-term goal is to provide a permanent space for young emerging artists to network, hold workshops, learn, develop, create and present work of many artistic genres, including but not limited to dance, music, film, visual arts, theatre and literary readings.

Drop in today to discover a new local artist!

First Window on Broadway 2014!

Window view 1

Roslyn Levin, SCA

Sumi-e Artist, Dragonfly Studio Artist

Dragonfly Studio Artist Roslyn Levin is in our very first Window on Broadway for 2014. Whether it’s a playful kitten, or her majestic horses that are currently on display, Roslyn’s paintings are a tribute to the intricate brushstrokes and harmony that make her an award winning artist.
Sumi-e is a way of approaching life. Working constantly toward perfection in all one does, realizing it takes time and practice. Roslyn has painted in sumi-e or Japanese brushstroke painting, for more than 35 years and studying Japanese calligraphy since 2009.

Roslyn’s work has been recognized throughout Canada and Internationally with awards and honours received from Sumi-e Artists of Canada, Ontario Chinese Artists Association, Japanese Calligraphy Competition in Canada, Japanese Calligraphy Competition in Japan, Wayne Shaffer Memorial Award, Ruth Yamada Award … to name only a handful of her awards to date.


There is a great amount of patience, self-discipline and concentration within Roslyn’s paintings. You can see her paintings in our Window on Broadway, or drop in to the gallery where she can often be found painting!


Hudson’s Bay Blanket Tote


Have it all … Own an iconic piece of Canadian history and help the environment. The Hudson’s Bay blanket is part of our Canadian history started in the 18th and 19th century. The blankets were typically traded to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts. The blankets continue to be sold by Canada’s Hudson’s Bay department stores and have come to hold iconic status in Canada.

Now, Laura Levitt of DejaVu Design is taking this iconic blanket and making her Hudson’s Bay Blanket Tote. This creative and whimsical design is as roomy as it is functional … great for everyday use!

An added bonus – DejaVu Designs are created to be ecological and environmentally responsible by recycling textiles that otherwise would have been landfill.

See our selection of Hudson’s Bay Blanket Totes in the store …

Gail Prussky in the Window on Broadway!

gailprusskeyAs the days grow longer and the weather is dreary and grey, we thought Gail’s art is just what the Downtown needs! Gail’s paintings are inspired by what she sees in nature and her reaction to the world around her. Bold colours and images come together to make interesting art that is a true conversational piece. Gail paints on canvas, wood and fabric, and also works in pen and ink, as well as pastel.

Gail’s latest artwork is on display in the Window on Broadway until November 15th.