Anne Marie Chagnon

Oh it’s here!! Our new order of Anne Marie Chagnon’s 2010 collection. She keeps doing it -outdoing herself. This new collection has bold colours and shapes, some really powerful pieces. I’s all you need with your little black dress or better still jeans and a T shirt. Very unique and I always love the way her pieces transmorgify. I’ll tell you what I mean when you come in.

Recycling Kevin Roach Style

It’s now after Easter, Kevin Roach’s Window on Broadway is almost up,he has brought some very interesting airplanes made of almost anything…One titled “record flight” has two old 45’s involved, there’s the barnstormer, from old pieces of …you guessed it… a barn. Next Week Tod Waring will be bringing in more fun for your garden! Moving sculptures, some Dragonflies, his wind powered twirling leaves, can’t wait.

he hee he

These little balls are so cute, they make me laugh. So many things you can stash in these sturdy little balls ( they are made of stainless steel) ear buds, coins, tokens, earrings, the larger ones would fit an orange. The zip is strong, the shape is fun and you won’t lose it in your purse.

Thinking Gardens

Bev de Jong came by and brought us some amazing garden sculptures. Fantasy flowers in copper of course, with a wonderful patina. I can just see them nestled in to a bush or two. Some are just perched in a block of wood but we also have two that are plumbed for a fountain. We just put out some lovely handmade paper cards, which you can plant because seeds are embeded in them. Just waiting for some green sprouts.

Monday Night Movies

Just watched An Education last night. This group of volunteers do such a fabulous job bringing great movies to our area. It’s part of the Tiff movie circuit Check out Best bargain in town and they support other groups too like the Blues and Jazz Festival. The fundraiser March 22 6:30 is a screening of “Young at Heart” with live music before the show.

Kelly’s magic

Kelly McNeil is one of my favourite artists, not only does she capture the likeness of an animal, but she gets the spirit as well. Her use of colour is extraordinary, who else knew that there is turquoise in the fur of a golden lab? my tale begins, on friday a woman came in to inquire about the painting in the window, it looked so much like her dog. After reflection, she asked to have a day to think about it. Saturday morning, a couple came in and said they loved the painting in the window and wanted to buy it…I told them they would have to wait for the woman’s decision. Not one hour later another couple decided to buy it!! Needless to say I took it out of the window, and quickly called Kelly to see if she had any other golden lab paintings at her place. I hope that we can satisfy everyone, since the painting reminded each of them so much of their own dogs.

I’m Baack

Yes a few days in LA was just what I needed- now to unpack all those boxes!! but before I do , I must say that Eleanor Brownridge has filled the Window on Broadway with some very beautiful fused glass, my favourite is the three sisters, only here for two weeks! Bruce Ley put up some interesting Abstracts on the feature wall. Up for a month!

Ah winter, I may have to leave you behind for a few days. So even though Spring is just around the corner, and every day new work is streaming into the shop, I’m going off to somewhere warm. when I get back I’ll be opening all those boxes…Greeting cards that have seeds embedded in them, that you plant after receiving. I have hand-picked some beautiful soapstone pieces from Dorset carvers. And by the time I get back, Eleanor Brownridge will have filled the Window on Broadway with her unique fused glass. I had a preview, and there are some pretty interesting items.

ReUse or Recycle?

Straight from Wine country, seasoned retired barrel staves are made into fashionable home accessories. Deep rich claret coloured wood, as a fruit platter, or candle holder. Simple lines recycled spoons make a unique piece.

Two New Jewellers at Dragonfly

Wow we just received the jewellery of two new to us Quebec designers. Planas has a line of pendants in sterling silver with huge shock of colour nestled within a framework. I’ll try to get a photo up soon. The other is Meto pairing gold with silver. We have some very unusual shaped hearts using gold leaf and some rings that are stunning – some are suitable for men as well!
those Quebec designers, very chic.