Last week for Gail Prussky

Gail is taking her work out this week, and will be out of commission for a while. I’m trying to convince her to become a Dragonfly Studio Artist. Gail’s Art is out there, in your face, she does get emotions flowing. Watch for her work next in the Headwaters Arts Festival Art show.

Carmen Hickson moves inside.

Two weeks go by so fast. and now Carmen’s work has moved out of the window to join other work by artists like Kevin Roach, Justin Richards, Deja Vu Designs and others. our festival goes on till the end of July.

Found Art Festival

People are responding to our mantra of re-use, recycle, make beautiful, re purpose, make smiles!
Thanks to Rachel Clark Hall who did a demo during the opening of the founders festival. She painted found hunks of wood and even bark.
Betty Harris worked on her recycled fabric flowers, and chatted to people about where she gets her fabrics. She is building up stock of hats scarves and mitts for this winter.

Found Art for Founders Day

Wow I am blown away by our Window on Broadway this week! Carmen Hickson’s awesome creations are poignant reflections on the human condition, and they are all made with found objects. She makes us look at cast off things in different ways. A stair post becomes an elegant angel, her caged man is stark re- combined foundry bits with ancient silverware. And that’s only part of our wonderful Found Art Festival…for Orangeville’s Founders Festival. All month we will be having artists dropping in with their work. Justin Richards makes fine furniture with dovetailed drawers out of weathered barn boards, nail holes and all. Betty Harris makes purses, dolls and accessories out of dresses, coats and blankets found at the Sally Ann. We even have jewellery from old silverplate teapots and trays, and of course JP’s flag and funky animals.

Banksy Strikes in Orangeville?

No, not really, it was just some little punks. They apparently tagged a number of businesses in the back lane. I decided it was time to identify the doorway with our namesake. So Sue and I decided to channel our inner Banksy and turn the tag into a dragonfly. I think it needs a bit of work yet I’ll keep you posted! or maybe you all think I should paint the door white again?

Randi”s Poppies

Well, as you can see Randi likes flowers and even though she is often out on location doing landscapes everyone always asks for her flowers!

Orangeville Blues and Jazz Weekend

Yahoo it’s finally here a weekend of music and activities, most of it free. In our Blue(s) window you’ll find two of organizer, Larry Kurtz’s paintings, Roslyn painted some musical numbers in sumi-e. Some of our artists will be doing demo’s in the tent outside Dragonfly, come chat. Blues and Jazz will be blaring. At Beads on Broadway we have been working on Blue beads…for earrings, bracelets and everything else. Kathryn Naylor’s opening was lovely, we all have a better understanding of how difficult and uplifting a climb of mount Kilimanjaro was. The paintings will be up for the remainder of the month, but Lucille’s garden will be coming down tuesday. I’m gathering work for our Found Art Festival for Founder’s Day, so far recycled bags and sun hats, Rachel’s pieces have just arrived, she was inspired! I’m impressed.

Found Art Festival

Congratulations Rachel! Clark Hall. My sweet young helper has a Show in the big T.O. Gallery 432 It’s on King St. near Sherbourne Opening the 27th of May, the wine is on Rachel, so go. Her work is large energetic, and full of emotion. It’ll look great on all those loft and condo walls in T.O.
Rachel will be participating in the Found Art Festival as well. at Dragonfly. in July.

Lucille Weber Shouts Spring

The energy! the colour! this is spring like you’ve always wanted it to be! Although Lucille’s paintings are termed abstracts, you easily see blossoms blowing in the breeze, or a profusion of flowers fighting in a garden. Lucille is in the Window on Broadway till June 8 this lovely peony just does not compare.

Kathryn Naylor Paints Kilimanjaro

Last year Kathryn took the trip of a lifetime, a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. Inspired by the incredible landscapes she passed, she has painted a series in her signature style, an interesting mix of realism and abstract. The Feature Wall begins May 26 and runs for 4 weeks, but come for the Opening, May 29th 2-5 meet Kathryn talk to her about her trip or her techniques.