Julia Veenstra

The paintings I just picked up from Julia Veenstra are wonderful, full of rich colour, juicy brushstrokes, and local subjects. It was a busy week and we picked up more pottery, new jewellery, and some great wooden cutting boards, you know that wood is better than those horrible plastic ones anyway! (this painting is from January but I will up load a new one soon)

Demented Pumpkin

I ask you doesn’t he deserve to win? Happy Halloween everyone. Last week for Tara Imersons wonderful watercolours on canvas, and Tanya Zaryski’s landscapes are going fast! Steve Wilson a friend of Kelly Mac Neil has brought in some interesting three dimensional works. Next Window on Broadway has Chris Rogers’ very interesting nature inspired 3D works for the wall. Hmm

Our Pumpkin

Oh my, we had quite a day on Broadway, with over 500 little gremlins and cuties coming out to trick or treat. Sharon nearly got worn out after her tranquil living of late, but it was a fun day all the same. All that is left is to find out if we scored big on the pumpkin carving contest…well yeah we didn’t actually carve it, more like painted it, but an art gallery after all…anyway a tranquil marsh scene with floating dragonflies turned into …monster dragonfly – hope you all enjoy.


I know it’s pretty cheesy but I give thanks every day for all the wonderful and supportive patrons and customers. They appreciate what Dragonfly does, and remind me of why we’re here. I love our artists, who continually surprise and thrill me with their creativity, and generosity. And of course all the wonderful folks who work here, how grateful I am that they keep us on track and make the shop run like clockwork, and look great.
Jill’s Window is nearly up Tara Imerson will be in there right after Thanksgiving with her intricate watercolours of rustic doors and antique objects. Tanya Zaryski is bringing in a feature wall full of her rural landscapes, and hopefully a few surprises. Thanks guys!

Culture Days

Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate arts and culture in this country. For us in Orangeville it started with the fist ever Mayor’s breakfast with arts awards. Dragonfly has a packed weekend full of demos and ‘make and take’ projects. Dragonfly Awakenings, Focus on Nature will be putting he spotlight on Stone, Leather, and Wood. Leather belts, turquoise pendant, basket-weaving, stone cutting. Drop in and talk to our resident artists about their techniques. Also a busy time for Studio Tours and the Headwaters Arts Festival begins today.

Claudia J Mc Cabe

I have rarely seen such wild abandon. Colour, brush strokes, fanciful yet definite. Claudia is passionate about her work, each painting has a poem accompanying it and she has published this body of work in a book, entitled “Musings” Thank you Claudia.

Culture Days

Sept 24,25,26 Dragonfly will be celebrating the Arts with an event called Dragonfly Awakenings We will be having demonstrations alll weekend. Roslyn will be showing off her handmade brushes-try one out on her magic tablet. Jill is finishing off her new piece Girl with a Butterfly, ask her about it. Beth will be doing demos on Friday and I have been playing with some new glass and will introduce a dragonfly bead….. and many more activities.

PMC…oh oh

Yay the Ontario Crafts Council had a precious metal clay workshop. I attended, It was great! very tempting… It certainly got my brain in gear, and I can’t wait to get playing with it, now. must. work. on. creating more hours. in the. day. During the course, we made a ring complete with cubic zirconia, and a pendant that has an impression on it. (of course I carved a dragonfly into mine, that was modelled after this guy that I found in the garden )


Jean Loney is our featured artist this month, I just love the glass she uses for her mosaics, iridescent, rich colours. I think hte Beach is my favourite, especially as she adds natural elements like shells. And speaking of beaches, check out Robert Chisholm’s paintings in the window inspired by his time in New Brunswick

Art a la Car

The little pamphlet that could! Co- operative marketing is always a good idea, and when 6 galleries got together to promote a road-trip little did we know it would go National! thanks to Jim Fox and the Sun group of papers. It was in the travel section of all major cities in Canada. Lets hope that even more people will discover the great artists in Dufferin Wellington and Peel. http://travel–news.blogspot.com/2010/08/day-trips-for-art-lovers.html
so come to Orangeville , Alton, Brampton, Glen Williams, Fergus and Elora and check it out.