Paint the Musician

Wow it was quite the experience to watch the artists painting Tamara. We had Jill Pringle, Roslyn Levin, Jim Reid, Theresa Minten, Catherine Barr, Sue Powell, and assorted kids. Tamara sung with such emotion, and truth and it came through in the sketches. This photo by Roslyn Levin gives you the sense of it. Sara May is playing right now, and it is a lot of fun. Thanks to both performers.

Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival.

To celebrate the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, Dragonfly is presenting two wonderful singer -songwriters We will be drawing/ painting the lovely Tamara of The Weather Station while she in turn plays and sings for us. Sat June 4th from 2-4 pm. If you miss her here she will be playing the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on Sunday June 5
So on Sunday we will be enjoying the sounds of Sara May. She has already modeled for Jill Pringle, so we can’t wait to see what develops. This weekend is the most exciting of the whole year if you are a music lover! lots of free concerts and dining/music experiences abound.
To top it off Broadway is having another Tax Free Weekend. Now we hope that the weather cooperates.

New Jewellery

Liz Kain has just sent new jewellery. these beautiful pieces remind me of tiny quilts. Semi -precious stones set in sterling silver, with cut out figures and enameled elements. Very sweet!

Julia Veenstra is back!

I just love Julia’s work. Her colours are so bold, and fresh, brushstrokes are firm and create such movement. This cow is my favourite, but I love the tree, and the stone house. Julia’s paintings will only be here till mid June.


Christine Montague can paint anything…It’s just that she filled our Window on Broadway with cats! Six foot tall ones grey ones, cats looking through screen doors (my favourite) and cats looking at the striking orange fish swimming in the foreground. In one painting, the cat is but a tiny spot in a window amid a lovely landscape.

Congratulations Wayne Cardinalli

Dragonfly is so excited for Wayne, he has been chosen to send work to The 2011 International Ceramics Festival in Mino Japan. Of the 3500 entries from around the world only 200 were chosen. Wayne has long been one of my favourite potters. Not only is his work comfortable in the hand and very well proportioned, I love his rich glazes and ornamentation. Using a work of art for your apple crisp is such a luxurious feeling!! The teapot in our photo is a glimpse of his unique style.

Student Art Show

It was very nice to be asked to jury the student art show that is now hanging at the Dufferin County Museum. There was some very obvious talent, and some good teaching evident. But… I wanted to see, I don’t know, more originality, more variety, a message? I wonder how many of these young artists will continue in art, will they be encouraged? Will their life be enhanced because of their interest in art. It makes me wonder about our cultural future, ( maybe its Harper being elected.) how much attention will be paid to our young creatives. Will all our culture be made overseas, will our creative young people go elsewere to be fulfilled. Ahhhh, maybe I’ll cheer up when I see their smiling faces on Saturday at the opening. Another great reason to go to the museum, Stitches Across Time, the show they have created, celebrates contemporary fibre artists and their inspirations from 100 years ago. well worth the trip. A huge thanks to Wayne and staff for doing such amazing programming.

Tax Free Weekend

Lots to celebrate this weekend, for Beads on Broadway the third birthday brings savings in the form of no tax for the rest of the month. Come and see the tribute to Newfoundland beads. And of course Kate and Wills wedding! What a day! Local artist Laurie McGaw had been chosen to design the coin to commemorate it, and Dragonfly has one. Check it out at the or drop in and fill in a ballot. We’ll be making the Draw July 1st

Hugh Russel Rocks the Window

The sculptures in the window are breathtaking! Three large dancers and four small western themes with horses. Hugh captures unbelievable action in the cowboy clown and you can almost hear the conversation and feel the cold in another sculpture. Every small detail of harness, rock or tree is carefully rendered. But the dancers…they are just superb, grace beauty and strength portrayed in bronze. Hugh is working on an exciting project…more on that later.